Heavy Online Lags (Good Resources)


I have a very baad Problem. first the Specs.

Intel E8400 2x 3GHZ
6GB Kingston DDR2 Ram
Geforce 8800GTX
Creative Xtreme Music
SATA Harddisc
Windows 7 with latest Updates
Gmod with latest updates.

Some Addons (only the important exported SVN and the lua addons loaded from server)

My Problem:
In the past everything was allright. Then my Gmod startet to lag when i played online. My Resources are good enough; if i play Singleplayer it doesnt lag ever.

I tried so many things:

  • reinstalled steam
  • reinstalled GMod
  • lags with basic gmod
  • heapsize made my gmod crash (2GB)
  • Antivirus doesnt block anything (tried it)
  • no background processes.
  • startoptions only console

Now the interisting thing.
My Brother has a slower pc and had exactly the same GMod folder. He can play Online without lags.
Netgraphdata is the same, but when i move it starts to lag.

has anyone a suggestion why??

Maybe its the server?

No everyone i know can play perfectly on this server, even though i have lags on every server.

Prehaps your wifi is capping you so hard. My grandmother is less laggy.
serious. Tried lowering the rates to =
cl_cmdrate 30
cl_updaterate 30

if your using a wifi router try giving ethernet a go. And try resetting the router as well. And disabling the local area connection.
If all else fails ask divran.

good idea but it didnt help :confused:

and no i dont use wifi

i might have this same problem…

some Specs:

intel Q6600 quad core 2.4ghz
Kingston HyperX 2x2gb ddr2 800mhz
Nvidia 8800Gts
Windows 7 + all updates
10/1mb cable internet

single works… and multi not… heavy lag… :S

I did some tests with ProcessMonitor, but i couldnt find anything, thats extremly active… svchost eventually, but not that hard…

What sort of ping are you getting from the server?

I said its not the server or my internet connection… its fine… i have a good ping…

I think it has something to do with win7



So wheres the problem then?? any idea?

so strange… Tf2 works normally but it didnt find so many servers only 12… but it wasnt lagging.
gmod finds servers but they lag… :confused:


The Game’s Menu/Gameplay Lags but my Ping is Fine

This is normally a symptom of the Nvidia Network Access Manager software. If you are running this software, please follow these directions:

  1. Go to Add/Remove programs in your control panel
  2. Select change/remove “NVIDIA forceware Network Access Manager”
  3. Select “Modify” > “Next”
  4. Uncheck everything except: “Intelligent Application Manager” under Framework and Network Access Manager
  5. Finish the install process.
  6. Restart your computer

found this from the steam support page… not sure if it works… but i dont find that kind of program.

What typically runs in the background when you’re playing GMod?

i just deleted nvidia drivers and windows loaded its own and tried… works for me… XD

So it uh “lags” for you but you have a good ping
Didn’t you mean LOW FPS?

Well… yno … FPS break in if i move… this is kind of strange, but it doesn’t happen if in play in single player!!

The upper solutions couldn’t help me


pff… i have that same again… was fine when i joined first server then went off and downloaded only phx and wire svn then went back to server… it lags… single works like a dream… but multi sucks. and doesnt matter how low i put my settings.

screems for an update.

This “bug” slows down the hole pc i found out.