Heavy pinned down by a Scout

No editting…(Cause I suck at it…)

I see Scout’s come out of the closet.
That or he’s just very girly now.

Nice posing anyway. Keep at it!

Scout is posing like a girl… D:

Hes obviously Sassy Scout!

I was trying to do something like this, but I’ve failed with the scattergun.
And maybe it’s GayMan!

No editing because you suck?

You can’t just stop at editing because you aren’t very good at it.

That pose WOULD make sense if you used the female scout.

also,how is the heavy “pinned down”?
the scout is not even shooting at him

its also a very open area, how could he not move

They’re standing on the bridge.

Couldn’t think of any good title :smiley:

the scout’s just looking at his back. learn what “pinned down” means before using it.

Bad editing would make the picture worse.

It’s fine how it is.