Heavy playing football with vampire soldiers


random bonus


2010? February? 2 posts? This is awesome, just awesome.

Excellent posing man, nice angle.

I’ve had many accounts so this is far from my first pose, but thanks for the comment :smile:

Awwww, anyway, the posing is excellent anyway, nice work :slight_smile:

Love the Pyro on the floor in the band screen.


Bad reading, really?

Second picture made me think soldier is gay.

dont talk shit about the soldier

Sweet posing, and it’s funny. Have a smiley good sir.

“Blue 22! Blue 22! Hut hut, HIKE!”
Awesome… If only a Heavy could run like that in game.

veryver y good(THATS NOT FOOTBALL) very very cool both are

Somebody actually used Enhanced_AI’s high res Heavy. :v: