Heavy preparing to shoot a fleeing scout.

The heavy was a BITCH to pose.


C&C please!

you mean you are done with it?

doesn’t seem like it

You should look at how the heavy handles the minigun ingame first. Then you might end up with something decent.

The Heavy’s gun is held out too far.
Why is his left hand holding the back handle backwards?
The scout’s legs are too close together to make it look like he’s on the run.
Why are the eye’s shut?

The lack of fingerposing gives the impression that this screen was half-canned.

Thanks for that! I’m going to see if I can improve on it. :slight_smile:

Posing on the Heavy seems quite off.

the heavy don’t hold the minigun from the middle of his body,more like from his right side
here’s a ref picture:

Thank you very much I’ll be sure to use that as a reference from now on!