Heavy pwned by 'crabs / Demoman drives drunk

Heya, I’m new to the Garry’s Mod scene here (or rather, Garry’s Mod in general).
These are my first two creations (chronologically displayed), and hopefully they’re
worth a chuckle, as well as a few volleys of constructive criticism. :slight_smile:



Don’t use the words pwned, owned, epic fail, or noob here on Facepunch.

Other then that I chuckled.

wtf i will pwned you like u wer owned n ur epicfaill noobb

The posing was pretty good in those screenshots but I think you should use super dof if you can instead of regular dof

These are very good for a first.

Well the posing is very decent,but I highly doubt these are your first.

Well, if you count me throwing around objects/effects/settings around for a couple of hours for fun just to feel out my working environment, then these are my second and third.

Also, I’m not new to the realms of 3D modeling and general artistry, so I’m a few steps ahead of your average Joe. :slight_smile:

I was expecting spy crabs.