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Sorry but impossible Ripping From Ps3


[sp]you better be fucking shitting me OP[/sp]


Rating your own post? Seriously?

Really? That’s a shame.

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what [sp]dumbass[/sp] doesnt know that ripping from a PS3 is fucking impossible?

You know, there is something called “modeling” right?

Look at how detailed and good the models are. Not to mention it was made by a company, which has a whole team of people to work on the model. (You know, as opposed to here, where it’s just one person) Yeah, I don’t think that someone will be able to model these so well.

omfg ps3 ripping is possible now the console has been hacked with the developer console Sony use therefore making it un fix able. I personally don’t suggest this but that is a choice for you plus i learnt this from my friend who knows more than i do on the situation, but also apparently ripping has begun from games like uncharted 2

Imposible D;

If that actually works, think of the potential. If there’s people willing to fuck up their console to rip from the games then we could have an influx of PS3 ports. We wouldn’t be screwed whenever a cool game comes out, but lacks PC version.

Or someone can go to the QuanticDream Studios in a Black Suit Stole the models from a Programmer Pc and Say he have the models and give them to facepunch Community…is Easy

well i’ve been told it’s the official sony tool therefore allowing anything that people want to do, but it wont screw up consoles just allow you to do as you please e.g infinite free downloads of ps store… i think or sommin random like that

Aye, you can rip games from your PS3 to an external, so that should open up some way for people to start porting.

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its very possible to rip ps3 models i have done it several times.

I’m terribly fucking sorry I made you lose all faith in mankind by demontrating my lack of knowledge of model ripping that is essential to all sentient life on this planet.

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Was he stalking you?


Time to pull out the citizen facemaps again.

Don’t be such a poopface about it.

Anyways, yeah. PS3 ports/rips are near impossible. Sorry bro.

Rating yourself funny is like laughing at your own joke when no one else does.


Y u technology so hard to port from.