Heavy Rain

After playing this,probably most awesome game i’ve ever seen,i decided to make a front cover,but with other characters:

I would like to hear a good critic.Thank you :slight_smile:

The rain splatter is awful. :saddowns:

Well,it’s my first expirience with rain,i will be more accurate next time,thank you.

I’m going to have to agree with Henry on this one. The poses seem alright but everything seems a little too blurred but the rain. Since your idea was to make something resembling cover art, you could have made four seperate pictures, one for each character. Great idea though.

Okay,i’ll remember your advice,thank you.

Why do they all have bad acne? And why are they giving off a terrifying stench?

It’s not acne,it’s the bad effect of drops.

It’s too bright, and the posing on “Michael” is off. Nobody holds a gun like that.

He’s not holding,he reloading.But in the matter of color,yes,it seems like he’s holding it.

Well no one typically reloads a pistol like that.

Jesus Christ, Leo what happened to your face!?

Zoey is :downs:

That’s the best looking force field I have ever seen…

I was expecting a whole bunch of Heavies falling from the sky. :frowning:

Same. :frowning: