Heavy Remover SWEP

Well, I just started running a little server, and this is one of the two addons I’m requesting to help my administration. This one is a SWEP that removes things. It’s got a cone, so it spreads with distance, it’s automatic, and it doesn’t remove players. This is for someone who’s made a plane out of an airboat, and attached ten explosive barrel spawners on it, and flies it around the map, in an attempt to crash my server. I shoot his magical aircraft, and he’s screwed for the time being.

Right-click with remover?

That works, but if I don’t want to miss. I mostly want this for the insanely overpowered accuracy.

Great idea… also to you jake the right clikc on the remover tool only removes props and props constrained to that prop…

I get that, but I don’t have the best aim, and if it’s something I want killed ASAP, I don’t want to have to focus on it.

its like an epic super shotgun-remover tool!

Pretty much. I actually had a mental image of a SMG that fires tool gun beams and makes the noise. That would be fun to watch a creation get killed with…

Iv just made pretty much what you explained, Are you still insterested in this? I can always upload it to gmod.org for you.

I’m always interested! Thank you!

I just found a nasty bug, ill upload it as soon as i fix it :slight_smile:

Just click Q and click on “Remove spawners”
Doesn’t that work too?

Would that create a weapon that shoots remover beams? Most likely not.

This was a request of a Automatic remover Weapon. Then thats what he’s gonna get.

This one is kinda cool, I dont now if thats whats you are asking for, but still… it’s cool :slight_smile:

It didnt really turn out as i wanted. But heres my attempt: http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=102948

Edit: It might be lagging bad, i havn’t tried it on a dedicated.