Heavy rescues Medic from a certain Death, and runs from a nearby explosion!

ANOTHER experiment, this one I pushed to the max, by even putting DYNAMITE in the Skybox to make the explosion giga-huge :3

Heavy has rescued the Medic from a certain death in the barn you can see in the background. As they run off, an explosion occurs, which almost kills them both! (In this one the BLU Heavy is actually the hero, and not the coward :D)




Look close in the image, and you can see the dynamite :3


Also forgive me for the blur. I forgot to change the image quality, so I needed to get rid of the JPEG compression errors.

What danger were they in?
Why didn’t the explosion take place in the barn,did they walk into a minefield or something?

It’s Team Fortress 2, what kind of danger do you THINK they were in? :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, yes, minefield… I guess…
Use your imagination :smiley:

I guess you’re right…
And Heavy’s quite the dumbass.

Well he and Medic “Make good teem”, and all the rumors of gay marriage between them (hurr) makes it even better :3


Shit, I just noticed clipping error between the heavy’s hand and the gas-tube thingy on the medics back D:

In words of heavy “Oohh this is baaad”

I will add that to the title, because it is awesome!


Couldnt add it >:C


Have a funny.