"Heavy sniper deploied!"



Actually very nice, good job.

Really nice!

Very nicely edited. My only complaint is the helicopter. I’m not good with measurements, but the altitude seems iffy to me, especially if that’s him taking off, since it looks to me like the ground’s uneven and too narrow for it to land. The pilot seems to be flying with his mind, too.

Other than that, everything looks good. Oh, and that guy on the right’s right hand.

Great posing and camera angle, editing is nice too.

It wouldn’t need to land. Guy could have just jumped out.

I like it, except the guy piloting the helicopter looks like a robot.

Seeing as the model is ported from some 3rd-party ARMA stuff, I am guessing that the pilot is part of the model and therefore not poseable.

That’s one good pilot. He ain’t hitting the buildings.

Nice as usual man.


Editing is great and so is the posing. .50 cal pwnage time.