Heavy standing in the snow.

My first try to edit snow.
C&C plzthxbye.
Also here thread music:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I2JaXTI_CoI


Nice posing, and for a first try it’s very well done.

Very good for a first, although if you were more experienced, I might say there’s not enough “stuff” in it for a whole thread.

I feel like that when the first snow falls, but I don’t, of cource, do that face and posture :P. My Finnish solemness prevents it.

Nothing really to nag about, except for the aforementioned lack of point (wouldn’t be a problem if it was around Christma… the Holidays. Then again, Xmas will be the next thing that’ll be happening now that the summer holidays are over for me, so might as well call it waiting Christmas already), and very, very slight clipping in the armpit.

Thanks guys.
Yeah maybe wrong time for a picture like this.
Good to hear that the snow is okay.

I like it, snow looks nice, it’s kinda like in a movie.

This picture was part of a comic I did.
But I stopped it cause I got bored.

this picture is awesome. I made it my background :smiley:

Wow youre the first who took a picture from me as a background :D!
Thanks for the compliment!

Kinda boring.

Actually I was thinking about mentioning it, I think it would also be a great background, or an ad, or something, but just ended up mentioning comic, one of the many things I thought it’d fit into (I was right about it then :D)

It is a great picture, but it’s a bit too random and “meaningless” (can’t think of a better way of putting it) for posting on it’s own.

this is a fantastic picture i would love to see more of this quality and this size, it makes a perfect background

Thanks for all your cool comments!
Yeah I know the picture is kinda boring but I never did a happy and silent picture and I wanted to try.
Yeah picture on its own seems a bit strange but I liked heavies Face and the snow so I decided to post it.

I might just use it as a desktop background too when the season changes to suit it better.

Yeah I know.
Bad time to release a picture like this.

Lol. He’s happy cause it reminds him of his hometown in Russia. Ahh, the simple things in life.

Lol never tought of that but youre right.

lol, I thought you made the photo because of that. lol :smiley: