Heavy steals Bonk Atomic Punch.


better than a first picture i made right?

Then the radiations transform his balls into ballz of steel… heavy not laughing anymore… :frowning:

Heavy’s posed and faceposed well. he could be facing more towards his direction of walking, though. Speaking of which, i can’t help but think that on 2fort, he’ll soon either have to swim or be abruptly caught by scout on the edge of the pool.

the scout, in the other hand, looks like a cross of jumping and being shoved, the faceposing looks like from the latter, the direction of the face from the former.

Alright picture anyways, at the very least, rated funny.

Why is the scout flying?

He just double-jumped lol

Oh but that’s the problem. he’s completely horizontal, and he seems to be going about 45 degrees to the left (from our perspective) from the heavy where he ought to be trying to get to, and then his legs are posed like he’d be going another around 45 degrees more left, although his body’s going to a different direction.

Holy god ITS GMAN! Look, he’s there. A blue blur. Behind the fence. See him?

O lol, didn’t notice him… like I didn’t on my first play-thru of HL2, AT ALL. I suck lol. Anyways, really nice easter-egg, Pwner1298!