Heavy weapons guy will not push self

So one day I was playing on TF2, on a payload map. PL_Badwater I think it was? Let me know. Anyway, I was playing as the Heavy weapons guy, when I heard him shout “Bomb cart will not push self!” and then I thought to myself “No, it won’t. But what if the heavy couldn’t push himself either? What sort of strange world would be living in?”

I’ll probably release it after I fix the sirens (nodraw), and possibly add LODs (I doubt it)




You totally need to get on a model hacking spree just like the old times. heh

Thanks man :wink:

The fat bastard’s got us pushing him now… just great. Why doesn’t everyone hop on and make the heavy push? You should release this, it’s funny. I have a suggestion to make it convincing though: reverse the heavy and dispenser, then tip the dispenser over so it looks like the dispenser fell over and broke the cart. That, or make it look like the heavy broke it.

Hmm well the current concept is the lazy heavy took the bomb out and just kinda sat there eating sandviches

Okay, I see. Are you planning on releasing, or just showing?

Add the party hat model to the heavy for some added fun. :smiley:
Also I think that guy who makes really unfitting tf2 skins beat you to this sort of concept. :C

Read the OP

That’s a good idea, and who?

Yeah, add a party hat slightly slanted on his head like he’s been at a rough party.
Then release, do want.

How do you decompile TF2 models anyway? I got the Heavy, HWM version which I need for a machinima. I just want to add animations and then compile again…

IF you do this , make the heavy a bomb.
Hence , bomb push heavy , heavy push bomb.

That would be interesting… kind of like a payload bomb robot right? Made from head to toe with scaled payload bombs.

Impossible, the animations are ruined past the 35th frame


You talking about this?

That looks awesome.
You sir, are a modelhacking god.

fuck. well at least mine has a backstory and is a replacement

Can you make a backstory of why his team wants to dump him into the enemy base to destroy it? Maybe I got one: dumping him out the cart wakes him from his sandvich-induced nap, and he gets angry when he’s rudely awaken.


Cute spy icon.

and opps. Good job. I love the ideal XD

Love your stuff man, good to see you’re sorta getting back into it

Well this is what inspired me, when I see good oppurtunities I can’t miss them :wink: