Heavy WIP Mall

Im currently working on a mall map in my spare time. It will have lots of custom textures like ads and signs. Im still adding detail and stores; I plan on having over 50 stores in the mall since I will need them to fill up all the space. Please suggest things that I should add or do to the mall. Below are screen shots ingame. Note that there isn’t any final lighting in the map yet.






Looks alright for a heavy WIP

I’m diggin’ it

I hope to dear god that that sphere is a modle

Heavy indeed…

That looks somewhat like the mall from Dead Rising…If my memory has returned to operable, that is o_o…

Keep going, it looks good so far, specially for a WIP.

I understand it’s a WIP, but I’m telling you what’s wrong so you don’t skip out on anything and know what to fix. The lights are too close to the ceiling. The bathroom hallway is fairly large; you don’t have any malls with bathroom hallways that big. They’re usually a standard room size. The doors for the bathroom are also too wide and need a frame. Make sure you have a 3D skybox when you’re done. I would personally change some textures in there, mainly the yellow wall. It looks too old and worn. You might want to make your own, or take some from L4D or CSS. Unless it’s a build map, don’t have too much empty space. Look at all the empty space where the forklift is. Again, just telling you what to improve for when you’re slowly taking it out of WIP mode.

Im still thinking about the texture for the wall and frame. Forgot to fix the light.



Lose the graffiti on the front of the mall. No one would be stupid enough to do that, and it smells of EP2.


(click to enlarge)

add supports and other architectural features like this, It’s way too blocky at the moment

Post in WIP thread.

What color should the mall walls be? Or is the current color ok.

They should be more white. And a custom texture too.