Heavy's birthday present is finally useful


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Hell yeah! While everybody is freezing to death in Viaduct, heavy wears his present. :3
Also, tiem to see if you’re imaginative, here is the version without the text :

Dat’s some nice posing

awesome posing on the heavy

sure is


I lol’d so hard at the above. I don’t know why.

The Heavy is Jayne Cobb?

ew… fucking ms paint

Real nice posing, funny idea.

Looks like some people do not know how to click on a thumbmail to have a high res picture… :v:
Anyway i lol’d binkow! :3

meh, to lazy to load PS


Nice posing, quite funny also

LMAO hahahaha

Never seen a guy too lazy to load PS… :v:

Oh LOL, until now I’ve thought that’s a silly cartoonish (and matchingly coloured) legionnaire helmet. Shit…

Anyways, very good posing, and I just LOVE the light in the upper left corner, makes the picture look much colder.

How do you get heavy’s hands so close to his head? the bumpmaps are much bigger than the actual parts. I’d need it cuz I’d like to get scout to touch the brim of his cap for a pose.


I have one of these


you know it is… pretty big…