Heavy's Life

I’ve started a series of films about the heavy, as you see, is called the Heavy’s Life.
1st series at all, my 2nd Machinima, and the 2nd series - 9th Machinima.

I hope you like it)



P.S. 1st series you might see on garrysmod.com, but I put it here

And excuse me for English. Google Translate :smiley:

Were are you From
По русски понимаешь?

Good Video Dude

But contruct…


And WTF is this in part one?

Mr.WTF, Если на конце ника стоит Rus, то что же это может быть?

это баг адобе премьера (теперь сижу на вегасе) :slight_smile:

This is Adobe Premiere’s bug…

Первый кого я встретил из русских на Фэйспанче)))


Ты в Стиме Есть?

Да есть, ссылка у меня под аватаром)

Its rude to speak another language in a area where the majority dosn’t speak it.

oops, sorry)
mr.WTF asked in Russian, so I answered in Russian)

I’ll try that this was no more)

go back to speaking russian…