Heavy's Mind


Awesome, did you draw all that?


Very nice, the doodles are brilliantly done.

Holy shit! This is amazing, and I really mean it.

Edit; Wallpaper’d

Awesome and unique.

The steel armor things made me laugh hard.

A+ Work.

I always love your heavy pics

You write very good English for being Russian. I love the posing and faceposing and the drawing is A+. Wallpaper’d. :slick:

This is amazing, I mean really, it’s very artistic. saved

I like the infinite HP Idea =D

This is the most amazing screen shot I have ever seen! Your posing and drawings are amazing.


Brilliant, simply brilliant. Desktop’d

Wow, that is truly artistic. I love it man, great work.

Bravo sir, Bravo!


hahah pure genius, this is amazing

Haha, that’s brilliant. Great job with the drawings.

Awesome stuff.