Heavy's not normal Day I & II

Two videos I made couple of months ago, decided to show this to Facepunch
The beginning of HnnD I and II are not so good, but please watch it 'till the end :smiley:


[Enjoy it and have fun!]

Why is everyone copying Kitty0706 so much?

I didn’t, It’s not the only gmodder that does this kinda stuff


…And to think I was going to watch your shit.

Because it’s easy and no one wants to get off of their asses to write something worthwhile.

what did you just say

If you could read, then you would know

Hell, If i was to ever film Something I would at least put Effort into it. Not just to use one Over-used character in Most GMod movies.

Im not Saying that your movie is bad man It’s just Not funny To me you know?

I thought it was good in my opinion. If its bad, then its a good thing, he’ll get the hang of videos in future. Think about it, how do you think kitty0706 and DasBoSchitt started?