Heckler & Koch G3 for Garry's Mod?

Hello. I am new here.

I want to know where I can get the AG3 weapon for Garry’s Mod.

This is the wikipage for the weapon if it helps:

Go onto garrysmod.org and search rcs. Should come up with real counter strike weapons V7 or newer. its on there.

Not exactly the gun I was looking for. :confused:

Well the wiki you put up was for the G3

The G3 is NOT in CSS.

Yes it is infact. We are going to be using it on my severance server. It is used at a semi-automatic sniper rifle and infact I used to use it in CSS all the time, its the counterpart to the 550

Then please explain me what the G3/SG-1 Semi automatic sniper rifle is in CSS.

He’s not talking about the Sniper Rifle version in CSS, he’s talking about the actual assault rifle version.

it isnt a sniper rifle, its an assault rifle with a scope attached to it.

Clearly you don’t know your guns very well.

I am looking for the G3 without the scope.

Just look up G3 on Gmod.org. If you can’t find it, put a request in the Lua section.

This may sound dumb: How? Do I just say “can anyone of you make a G3 weapon for me?”

If you aren’t happy with that then you’re too picky for garrysmod and should probably go play little big planet. I hear they design the game around overly picky people so nothing is broad enough to be used for more then one thing.

Oh and if you couldn’t tell, I was joking. Enjoy.

Thanks. It was a great gun.

Only bad thing: Shoots very slow!

BUT it works :slight_smile:

You’re welcome. Might make my own swep pack in a couple months once I have severance and CWRP running smoothly. If I do it will consist of some nice no scoped weapons like the G3 and be as immersive as possible (makes you helucinate that you’re actually in the game or sumthin, I’ll figure it out)

Awesome :smiley: