HECU in half life 2

Hey I saw this video on YouTube where someone was able to replace the Combine soldiers and claims they also changed out the Combine elites with hecu marines. I pmed the guy and asked if he could help me and he gave me the steps he followed, yet only my weapon skins worked-the combine were still utilizing their original appearances.
He told me to make a custom folder in the “hl2” folder, which I did as he asked, but it wouldn’t work. Does anyone know how to get this intriguing mod to work?

Skip a few until the combine show up, and you’ll see he replaced the marines:

You shouldnt need to make a custom folder, it should be just having to put certain files into the sound, matirials, and models folders.

Nope, not since Steampipe. Custom stuff must now go inside a folder within the custom folder of the respective game, i.e.

HL2: steamapps/common/half-life 2/hl2/custom/folderhere/
EP1: steamapps/common/half-life 2/episodic/custom/folderhere/
EP2: steamapps/common/half-life 2/ep2/custom/folderhere/

So while you used to be able to put mod’s folders (materials, models, etc) straight into the respective game’s folder, they must now go within a folder inside the custom folder (though the name of the folder doesn’t matter).

It’s incredibly annoying, but welcome to steampipe.

Well. I personally disagree. I think it’s kind of better in a way. Even more so if you want to uninstall your skins, you don’t have to dig through and try to remember the right folder names, a lot easier for CSS with all the crap you have to DL. Too bad the world models are jacked up though.

I did it exactly that as he stated in the directions he had pmed me inside YouTube, but the game doesn’t change the appearances. Do I need to rename something to make the game think that the hecu models I wish to use are in fact the combine?
The modder said to rename the 6 model files in the hecu marines you wish to use for the combine soldier and combine super soldier model folders, but maybe there was something else he didn’t mention?

Yeah, renaming the files isn’t enough, you also have to rename the files IN the files. And by that I mean hex them. It’s a ridiculously easy process.

  1. Acquire hex editor. I myself use XVI32.
  2. Open .mdl file in hex editor.
  3. Find the pathname/filename.mdl. It’ll be easy to find because it’ll be right at the top and have the HECU’s original name.
  4. Rename the HECUwhatever.mdl to combinewhatever.mdl
  5. Save and champagne!

Hmm alright I downloaded this XVI32, perhaps we can add each other on steam? I’d like to have an expert walk me through this if that is alright with you?