HECU model for esionage thread

Hello I was wondering if somone could please please please make a personal model for me for the hecu. I love the Espionage thread a lot, but I had an idea lastnight for a personal skin, but I lack the materials to do it. I know you guys and gals are VERY skilled at doing things like this.

Heres my plan:

^Take these two models and combine them into…


^Into that.

Though the head and lower beak part would need to be a tad smaller. Also the arms would also have to be colored black and made to look a little feathery.

Can someone pleas please please make this for me? You all are so skilled and Gurus at doing this stuff. Can you do it? Please? I can pm you the model files and everything too.

I don’t think that would really fit the espionage wars thread vibe… we have rules against this kind of thing.

And if you were to use this in the perskin thread, I’m sure you’d catch a lot of flak for it.

Awww…its such a good idea though…damn…


No its not.

hey guys can u make me a personal skin it’s my second life outfit it needs to be a 9ft naked cat with a 30" penis it’s such a good idea man trust m