HECU reskins for CSS/GMOD

What the title says. Need a reskin only of the counter-terrorists, not the terrorists.

I have some points that i must say:

  • Sleeves must be half-long, coming only to elbows, and the shirt must be digital camo.
  • The vest tiself must be jungle camo, and also the gloves in the hands must be black.
  • Pants must be digital camo (Digital = white/grey/black)
  • Boots can be black or brown, dont care too much.
  • Hats or visors must be green. SAS eye pieces green completely, Urban eye visor green, GIGN visor maybe, and then GSG…you get the idea.
    PS. You can make custom models if you wish, as long as they follow the HECU uniforms.
    PPS. Here you have a sample what you can do:

pleas make npc

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