HECU Sentry Gun

Hey I was wondering if anyone could make a ragdolled HECU Sentry gun from Half Lfie? Like an “HD” one?

I saw Black MEsa Source’s Sentry Gun and I though they did really good!

But…would it be possible for someone to make one for gmod? I use a half life source model snetry gun and I thought it’d b better to have an up-to-date gun rather than having to use the Half Lfie source on or keep using the Cerberus Sentry gun.

Can anyone do this? Mabye Romka could? Just wondering is all.
THank you for your time.


Behold, The Fallen is back! Don’t request military stuff you actually like, just because he is butthurt!

Or you could wait till friday and then download black mesa source.

I am waiting for those smexy assassin models…

You dirty fuq you

p. sure The Fallen tends to apologize a lot when that string of threadshiting is mentioned. we all make mistakes, right?

Apparently, he is now hiding in the dark voids of facepunch and he just comes out to rate dumb posts he “don’t like”.

I gave him a dumb rating because he could just wait until Black Mesa: Source is released. Once it’s out, everyone is going to be trying to rip and port everything from it onto Garry’s Mod.

You won’t have to… It’s on the source engine… all you have to do is drag and drop the model and material folders.

The BMS one looks completely different. They changed the style of the whole game, so talking like “wait for BMS to come out” is a nonsense.

The sentry guns from Black Mesa Source and Half-Life aren’t totally different, see a comparison below.


Black Mesa Source: