HECU Squad stumbles upon corpses of HECU Recon Squad

“Command, this is 5. Recon has been located, KIA. Repeat, Recon is KIA.”


C&C etc.

I hate military poses.

But this ones very good :smiley:

You sure love those models, taggart.
Might be just me, but the closest guy looks like he is faking it and looking at the squad, so he could scare the shit out of them.

“Roger that comm-”



Gunshots etc

“Command, this is 5. Recon is NOW KIA, repeat, KIA, Friendly Fire.”

they lost at gun tag

“I mean shot by an unknown enemy. I dont know where it is but im 100% sure it wasnt friendly fire.”

I just gotta love these HECU poses when done properly, nice work Taggart.




Nice looking.

I love how the HECU sounded like they were taking a large dump when they talked
Opposing Force is how HECU should be.

Felt like saying this but,You guys are just shooting the workers cause you’re all jealous of someone saving them contest so you kill them so no one can save them…“I’m on your side! how many ****ing times do i have to kill you so you understand that!” XD

Taggart are you planning on releasing these HECU models one day? Just a question. Also the dead guy’s shouldnt be all white have them looking though their dead. And did you pose them the same way Opposing force had dead bodies? It sure looks like it :smiley:

If only someone model an osprey for source

Once Black Mesa Source, comes out there will be a osprey model.

But it’ll be 2012 when its out