HEEERES JOHNNY!!! zoey about to get murdered by nick

saw the shining for about the 10th time , so i decided to make a pose

Should’ve been “HEEEERE’S NICKYYYY”, cause it’s, like, you know, Nick.

His smile is just perfect

Face should look a bit more evil looking.

Ah the famous scene. Not a bad re creation this. What F.T said and better light perhaps if I am going to pick.

Zoey needs finger posing

I like Zoey’s posing

He doesn’t look very sinister or criminally insane as he did in the movie. I mean, Jack ha a mental breakdown from the isolation in the hotel. But in contrast, Nick just looks like he has a big dumb guy smile (no flaming intended) on his face, like if he were the Joker from the 1989 Batman movie. (Kind of odd, both were played by Jack Nicholson :/)

But I digress, posing seems ok, finger posing is not so good, Zoey’s fingers are clipping through the wall, door looks weird in the close-up picture, too empty, and too much white in the color scheme for my liking.

Woah thats constructive critism

I hope that’s not sarcasm :ohdear:


But of course not

Then I’ll take that compliment(?)




Fuck yeah

i havent really seen the movie in a long long time, and i couldnt really picture what nick would look like if he took jacks place in that movie. i tried though

It’s cool man :cheers: I only bring it up because I really like the movie as well.

me too… i think jack was possessed by the spirits when he was running around the hotel
or just isolation

I think it’s more along the lines of a mix of Cabin Fever (from the isolation of course), and his withdrawal from drinking (if you remember the line “I’d give my damn soul for a glass of beer…”).

Fuck is this turning to? The Shining megathread? Kidding of course :buddy:


I’d like to see a revision if you were up to the task.

She looks scared shitless

More like “what the fuck is wrong with that axe”