Height Map of Rust Island 2013

If someone could post a height map of Rust_Island_2013 for me, that would be great.
I’m using the height map for some project simulation test, and I thought the Rust Island map would be a very detailed map for it.

Just use something like Terragen or World Machine. The Rust heightmap would only generate hills and valleys, not the actual tall rock cliffs, as those rocks are actual assets and not part of the heightmap.

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I recommend World Machine, as the learning curve is pretty easy, and you can very quickly output to multiple image formats.

The TerrainData class stores heightmaps, detail mesh positions, tree instances, and terrain texture alpha maps.
The Terrain component links to the terrain data and renders it.

alphamapHeight Height of the alpha map.
alphamapLayers Number of alpha map layers.
alphamapResolution Resolution of the alpha map.
alphamapWidth Width of the alpha map.
baseMapResolution Resolution of the base map used for rendering far patches on the terrain.
detailHeight Detail height of the TerrainData.
detailPrototypes Contains the detail texture/meshes that the terrain has.
detailResolution Detail Resolution of the TerrainData.
detailWidth Detail width of the TerrainData.
heightmapHeight Height of the terrain in samples (Read Only).
heightmapResolution Resolution of the heightmap.
heightmapScale The size of each heightmap sample.
heightmapWidth Width of the terrain in samples (Read Only).
physicMaterial The physic material used by TerrainCollider using this Terrain.
size The total size in world units of the terrain.
splatPrototypes Splat texture used by the terrain.
treeInstances Contains the current trees placed in the terrain.
treePrototypes The list of tree prototypes this are the ones available in the inspector.
wavingGrassAmount Amount of waving grass in the terrain.
wavingGrassSpeed Speed of the waving grass.
wavingGrassStrength Strength of the waving grass in the terrain.
wavingGrassTint Color of the waving grass that the terrain has.

GetAlphamaps Returns the alpha map at a position x, y given a width and height.
GetDetailLayer Returns a 2D array of the detail object density in the specific location.
GetHeight Gets the height at a certain point x,y.
GetHeights Get an array of heightmap samples…
GetInterpolatedHeight Gets an interpolated height at a point x,y.
GetInterpolatedNormal Get an interpolated normal at a given location.
GetSteepness Gets the gradient of the terrain at point <x,y>.
GetSupportedLayers Returns an array of all supported detail layer indices in the area.
RefreshPrototypes Reloads all the values of the available prototypes (ie, detail mesh assets) in the TerrainData Object.
SetAlphamaps Assign all splat values in the given map area.
SetDetailLayer Sets the detail layer density map.
SetDetailResolution Set the resolution of the detail map.
SetHeights Set an array of heightmap samples.

You can use the Magma or Fougerite mods to run a plugin to query this class for the Terrain data.

The free version of Terragen can generate fairly realistic terrain heightmaps. Or import USGS Digital Elevation Map (DEM) files.

I’m sorry but I don’t know how to run those programs. It seems confusing just to get a map or an image to convert it using a load of things. Can someone give a tutorial on how to convert the rust map into a height map image or can someone do it for me please?

It would be far easier to generate a terrain in Terragen than it would to export Rust_Island_2013 into a heightmap.

Seriously, Terragen 1 is a snap to use. Nobody is going to go to ridiculous lengths to spoonfeed you a special request if you can’t even be assed to spend 5 minutes trying something.

Terragen Classic (aka Terragen 1) isn’t available from the official website but the free version (basically a shareware trial) is out there on shareware download sites.


Look, it generates heightmaps, right there.

I’m wrong, it is available from the official site, the link’s just buried well in the navigation.

Here. Here’s a 512x512 heightfield. Here’s also what it looks like in Terragen with a sample terrain shader.

This is just one example. I smacked this together in less than 4 minutes, not counting render time.