Heihachi Mashima from the Tekken games

While’s he one of my favorite characters to play as in the Tekken games, I think that ‘one of the iconic characters’ of the Tekken series should be ported into Gmod.


  1. As I stated already, he’s one of the iconic characters of Tekken. (The others being Nina Williams, Yoshimitsu and Paul Phoenix)
  2. I’m sure someone will soon make a Tekken Gmod movie and will likely use Heihachi the most than the other characters.
  3. He’s sort-of badass. (Despite being an old man who knows fighting and also torturing some people.)

Pictures to help get a reference of him:


(I’d perfer him in his Tekken 6 1P outfit but you can do whatever costume you want on him, even if it’s from the past Tekken games.)

Yes. He was just awesome. Also, why not port Yoshimitsu/Paul/Nina too?


I also support this, however, I must suggest Brian Fury.

Remember in Tekken 3 when he rips the top of a tank off? I have loved him since that very moment.

Also, his finishing taunt thing in both Tekken 5 & 6 involves him getting on top of his opponent and punching them in the face repeatedly. He’s a badass psychopath.

He deserves to be ported in my opinion.

Heihachi, Kazuya, Jin, Jinpachi, Paul Phoenix, Marshal Law, King, Armor King… we need a lot of TEKKEN fighters in GMOD…

I support.

I almost forgot about King! He was my favorite too >.<

Jin and Yoshimitsu were ported:



Unfortunately, those links are broken… :frowning:

But oh well, it’s sorta an old thread and links do die after they sit for some months or so.

No actually the Yoshimitsu and Lili links aren’t broken. Only Jin’s link is broken. And there’s not a lot of Tekken characters ported due to it being a pain in the ass to do, just like the Soul Calibur IV models. And I do remember someone saying they were doing all of them, I think.

Whoops well sorry about Jin’s link. You might ask roland if he could reupload it in a pm.

That’s if he ever goes on anymore.

Last I check on his profile, he was last activity on FP was 7 hours ago.

(He’s probably just lurking around or checking a few topics he made.)

Yea, but he doesn’t release anything anymore. Ever since he took that break I haven’t seen him at all really.


I think the WHOLE mishima family was an Icon to the game

don’t forget the Kazamas xD,. specially Asuka,. and Jin,.
I hope someone would go make Asuka xD,.
would be really cool xD

Agreed,I freaken love jin.