Heinrich stands by recently slain zombies.

Release of the G41, please Mr.Colada keep it in the Uzi thread.


The trigger guard isn’t gone in-game, I’m just a bad isolator.
Model: Sproily and Valve (Gewehrgranatgerät)
Skin: Millenia and Valve (Gewehrgranatgerät)
Model Edits, Animation Edits, Compiles, Skin Edits and Normal Maps: modderfreak

More Releases, plus a free flamewar

Please post, and download!

Hell yes, nazi SS zombies.

Nice release also, downloading.

Hot just looks hot.

The blood on his chest doesn’t really look like its on him. But other than that, quite good.

The blood doesn’t look very 3D. The rest is awesome though.

Very good picture and release :slight_smile:

nice one man!

Hmmm I dunno but I don’t like the posing much… something is wrong with his lower body.

HIs pelvis is a bit to far foward.

Pelvic Thrust! Good editing btw.

Yeah nice pic but there are a few things wrong.
He looks like he just wet himself (or pelvic thrust ^ ), and the blood doesn’t look convincing enough.
But other than that, it’s cool