Hekaton (Bulletstorm)

You killed her babies. Now she wants to smash your smug face in.

As soon as I saw her in the game, I had to port her to Gmod. Also taking a small break with Monster Hunter stuff.


  • Finger posing
  • 2 sizes (1x Mechaton, 11x Hekaton)





Things to note:

  • Shoulders and tail might be a bit too flexible, causing the arms to bounce in all directions sometimes.
  • Jaw sometimes like to bounce around too.
  • Legs are …weird. They clip through the pelvis/lower chest and when posed in high angles, parts of the thighs are pointy. This is actually part of the model. (I even noticed this when playing the game.)


Also on Toybox.

AWESOME D: Though no face posing? :C

Hell yeah!

I Think, Face posing that ugly B****d would be impossible

Wow, that was fast.

They sure grow 'em big around those parts. Nice porting job!

I don’t know but i think it looks bigger in the game :confused: but it still nice.


You should totally do the robotic one as well, that would be the best thing ever.

Love ya :smiley: thnx again.

Face posing breaks on larger ragdolls. I think it’s an engine problem and I don’t expect Garry to fix it.

Now that I see it, maybe it could be 20% bigger. Was hard to judge size based on a video and a screenshot. :v:

Here’s a better size comparison:


I’ll add the screenshot to the op.

Didn’t take long for Bulletstorm models to arrive, freaking sweet.


Aweeesome! You should make the robot version of it too XD ; Anyways, fantastic job dude!

No i mean it looks bigger in Bulletstorm then it looks on Gmod

It’s not like porting Unreal engine models is that hard, the models (usually) come out of Umodel with all of their rigging intact, which cuts out a significant portion of the preparation that usually goes into porting models.

Still, quite awesome good sir.

That’s what I meant.

The Hekaton but not Waggleton P. Tallylicker?


Finished the game (a few minutes ago)…
Can you port the weapons?
PS:This damn thing is soo hard to kill.


I called him Waggleton P. Tallylicker!