Held accountable for a murder of a muderer.

half assed, 10 minute posing, 2 minutes finding angle, 15 minute edit, all on two layers.


have fun ripping apart the shitty shading lol, :slight_smile:

What odd blood.

The blood is really light, the shape of the blood is well done though.

no it’s not, it’s a premade brush

aside from which it’s a brush for blood SPATTERS, not bloodstains. it should be on the walls behind them, not on their shirts around the entry wounds (which, in this case, don’t exist).

What exactly is up with that guy in the background? Is he suppose to be dead, or is he just thousand yard staring? If he’s dead, then he’s pretty darn upright. Other then that, the posing is alright. The guy on the floor there especially. The smoke effects look surprisingly good, but way too transparent.


Why is the blood so damn light? It doesn’t even remotely resemble the colour. It looks more like someone attacked them with an orange highlighter marker. Blood’s RED. Dark, Opaque red, with a hint of orange.

Atleast there’s enough of it to tell they’ve been shot. Most other pics where blood is edited in barely have a damn trickle.

Redoing the pose, going to take my time, and do some petter posing, going to take all the cc I got.

It looks like his blood was diluted.

Woops i spilt ketchup on me while i was eating my happy meal.

Hm, you got some great camera work potential going on here and with your most recent picture aswell.

Blood is too soft, doesn’t look like blood. Darken it would be my best suggestion.

Posing seems all right, nothing too spectacular but nothing horrific either.

Not bad in general, I hope you keep pumping out more.