I was wondering if it would be at all possible to rip the helghast from the PSP killzone games like Killzone: Liberation, Killzone: Mercenary? as ripping from PSP games has been proven to be possible in the past.

Some pictures of the PSP games models.



I support this also

I’ve probably mentioned something related to this in a old thread about PSP ports and people arguing about GOW 3 stuff.

Anyway, I would love to see some Helghast troops running around Gmod. Best looking shooter enemies along with Transformers’ Decepticon mooks in the ‘Cybertron’ games(I’m that easy to please :p). I support this awesome request.


Heck even the PS2 models would be alright, I could probably fix them up, maybe get someone to re-do the textures.

I highly support this. Who didn’t fall in love with the Higs ? :v:

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I think I found a way to get the models from the PS3 : I saw on youtube a guy that extracted the Helghasts voices from KZ2, I’ll send him a PM to ask him how he did that, maybe it will help with model extraction from the PS3.

Also :


Well, I think I found something, better than nothing :

And this :

Picture taken for an upcoming or already released mod for Company of Heroes.

And from the same guy :

Oh god, I’m not going to stop searching anytime soon.

The Firewarriors dude(my kind of guy) planned on rigging up those Helghast for BF2 or BF2142. I guess someone(a modeler) should consult him, as one modder to another.

I also found this, looks like he’s working for a mod :

Furst, Day One (that Killzone mod for RWR) has again been updated, making it compatible with 0.85 and bringing the total number of weapons to 15, including the M224-A3 (Rico’s gun in KZ1) the Crossbow, and the BLR-06 Hadra Multiple Rocket Launcher. Check it out if you want to play something similar to Killzone Liberation but involving large-scale infantry battles taking place in an open-world battlefield. Best of all, the devs of RWR keep improving and adding features with every update. It won’t be long before faction-specific weapons and vehicles (and even air support) get added in and we can have the full experience!

Mod thread is here:

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Well, forget that, the models are going to be 2d models.

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The models from Killzone Mercenary would be the best quality, if it’s even possible to port from the ps vita.

They are the same models from Killzone 2/3 but idk if you can rip them from that game.

Well, I highly think it is possible because I think the helghasts (excepted Radec) from the CoH mod are ported from the PS Vita. Let’s hope I’m not wrong.

If we can port from the PSVita, why wouldn’t we be able to rip from Mercenary?

You don’t magically port models from an entire system. People learn how to extract stuff from an engine to engine basis. If someone somehow learns how to rip models from Uncharted, that doesn’t mean ripping from Killzone is possible because the two games use different engines and therefore handle files differently.

Oh true true. Thanks for clearing that up.