Heli loses interest!

I don’t know if it’s the vanilla server I’m playing on but the heli just seems to have hardly any interest in killing people, we were attacking it with 3 guys don’t get me wrong it was aggressive fired lots of rockets but then all of a sudden it just pissed of whilst we were still hitting it. Wtf is this all about? If I’m spending time and resources to hunt the heli I don’t think it’s right 4 it 2 piss off.

I think it leaves after 15 minutes.

I agree with trustinrocks, it leaves after a certain amount of time, however if very damaged and still flyable, I have sometimes noticed it will try to get away, which would make sense, I mean… I would try to leave if someone nearly had cut my arms and legs off.

Yeah bearen that makes sense, but then my second question should be how can it fly away with a smoking rotor? I don’t know much about hellis in real life but I imagine if 1 rotor is smoking (tail rotor) the heli wouldn’t be flying off, it would spin out of control.

If the tail rotor was broken then yes, it could spin out of control (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hnK9bGCvYtU), but just because it is smoking doesn’t mean it is broken enough to make it spin out.

At the moment it doesn’t really matter how a heli would act with a smoking motor in real life.

The heli leaves if you don’t destroy it fast enough.

Yeah I get that, I just think it should be changed add more threat from it and have it patrol constantly. Just anything to make the game more fun imo.