Heli Pilot's Last Stand.



he’s fucked regardless


Nice scene build and nice use of fast zombie.

Really good, I’d say.

Reminds me of World War Z. Good work.

It is really garry mode?

I can’t believe it!

Dat editing! :o :o :o

Great pose and build. The effects aren’t so great though.

Wow :fappery:

Neat piece of work. Didn’t see it was a fast zombie. Looked so different.

watch out for the headhumper

Looks awesome, as usual I’d say.

fucking noob perk that faggot needs to grow some balls


Good pose my fine skinned Korean friend.
why did you remove me then ask jynx/lyubov why I was being pissy?

It’s actually pretty good.

becuz you drive me freakin’ mad