Heli Vs Heli- Editing test.


Egad! Bland Background!


'Cause I was bored and nothing better to do…It’s not too bad, I think =P

Thanks, for the life of me, i could not find a decent rocket model, and i failed at making muzzle flash.

The smoke should be darker, and perhaps you should have attempted a flame behind the rocket. But otherwise, it’s pretty good.

Yeah, I didn’t even Attempt to make a muzzleflash, because I know I would of phailed Epically! But yeah

If you’re doing single screenshots like this, and you need a good rocket model, use a PHX, or the std hl2 rocket and just reshape it via morphing tools.

As for muzzleflash, smoke, etc, there are a huge amount of tutorials online. If you google it, you’ll find a bunch. I know they helped me when I do screenshots.

Anyways, the shot is built nice, even if it is a simple. Good angle and positioning.

I found a pack with some VERY nice rocket models. I can do the smoke trails nicely now, but the muzzleflash is the killer. I use Adobe Photoshop Elements 6.0 Most of the guides are for Adobe Photoshop, leading to them having options i don’t have.

Added a better missile.

Great work and effort to all three of yous, the aircrafts itself could use a bit of touching up, but no biggie.

For some wierd reason, after read the title I somehow knew it was from you.

I’m working on photoshop editing, is that a crime?

I didnt mean it as a bad thing… :frown:


This one was from yesterday though.