Helicopter...bad idea?

Saw a poor little newbie get his little 2x3x2 house blown to peices by the chopper and he rage quit lol…he was totally new to the server and had nothing. Lost everything his first 30 minutes because of the chopper.

I really dont see why we should have missiles shot at our bases by an ai…yeah i want an extra pve challenge just like the rest of you…but if it involves your base taking any amount of damage then thats a huge turn off…we work hard to try not to get raided by people which is bad enough…we shouldn’t have any ai in the game that is going to damage bases

Don’t worry, the devs are only looking out for the best experience possible, they’ll add flying saucers next with homing nukes for that extra something.

On a more serious note, i agree, and i haven’t played in 2 years, HOWEVER it is my understanding that the Heli only agros you if you are holding a gun and/or aren’t naked (not sure on that one), and that you can hear it coming a mile away. So, unless you are playing the game vanilla information wise, if you just holster any kind of weapon (the axe, hatchet also counts), you/him/it/whoever shall be fine.

He could had hidden himself in the base in the first place to prevent the chopper from spotting him or if he fired at it.

Like many games, there’s features we don’t know how works and need to learn about, the hard way that is, and specially as the game isn’t a finished model we will often meet new or changed features.
It’s part of what we signed up for when playing this game.

Personally I like the chopper as it is, it do require quite a lot when being solo, but that’s also part of the challenge when going up against it.

when i hear the chopper i hide in my house and do some nosediggin and buttscratching…

FireAmmo and rockets are in production and will get this fucker down!

i think the chopper is a great idea, i didn’t have the chance to fine him, just to run for my life, but the rule in rust is, never go home when um are in trouble. i hope the dev’s put more events like this in the game, they should put in like super armed caravans going between to well defended bases by the NPC and stuff or something like that.

Not so sure I’m down with removing threats from a survival game. The whole point of the heli is that you can’t take any chances. Saying it’s too much because it killed 1 poor fucker isn’t a point against it.

Yeah i get your point thor it is only 1 guy…it just seemed so unfair like…he wasnt even doing anything…ai blows up hise base

Think of it being like “The Most Dangerous Game In The World”. You get a three day head start and whatever weapons you can cobble together out of garbage, your “host” then comes after you in a helicopter. The “host” doesn’t care if you were fighting back or just standing around drooling, s/he REALLY loves “killing for sport”.

Imho it should just be a little less aggressive… It just goes for anything that moves and doesn’t leave until its dead right now… I went to see the first chopper fight on my server, had no weapon, some wood, a pickaxe and some random clothes and it aggroed me and fucked me up. It should just leave people without a gun in their hands alone… This way you could just holdster if yoi dont feel like getting fucked up.

I agree with you that it sucks for him. Hopefully someone will tell him that it aggro’s based on the items on your hotbar and clothing. That way, all you need to do is put weapons in your actual inventory instead of hotbar and you’ll be fine. Maybe this will change but for the mean time there IS ways of avoiding it, it’s just that most people don’t know how the mechanic works.

personally i think it should kill anyone armored or unarmored weapon or no weapon. just cruise around blowing up bases and/or making chaos.

personally we don’t know the story of rust and their must be a reason a heavily armed military chopper is killing people on the island.

lastly i think it would be hard to identify if someone has a weapon or not from that high up/far away.

I like the chopper, but whatever parameters it has for not harassing nakeds seems to be broken. When it was first introduced, I dumped all my gear and run outside to watch it fly around when it first appeared on my server. I had literally nothing and it chased me into a rad town and blew me to pieces. I definitely didn’t do anything to piss it off (I had no clothes and no hotbar and no inventory) and it still went after me.

I definitely like the idea of a major threat occasionally patrolling the island. But it should do a bit better job of leaving alone those people who are completely unprepared for it.

Then again, it spawns rarely enough and is pretty easy to hide from most of the time. I suspect for every story where it caused someone to quit, there are hundreds or thousands where it performed exactly as intended.

Honestly it kinda bothers me to think that my base could have its roof blown open by some random chopper lol…kinda just makes me not even want to play

Dont make it angry and if you do dont hide in your base and youll be good

The code does require some work, but the cold hard truth is that anyone who rage quits after being killed by a helicopter was never going to stick around for long anyway. They would have rage quit because they were killed by a bear while naked from 10 feet away, or killed from cold because they walked through a river at night, or killed and raided by a player who shot them while they loitered in front of their base’s front door after opening it. The game isn’t for everyone… and it wouldn’t be worth playing if it was.

If they rage quit because of the helicopter then there was probably a good chance that they would have rage quit to pvp death, hypothermia, blown up hut/home, leg in a bear trap, fall from a cliff or any of the other things that would have happened had they stuck around.

Its not the helicopter, its the player. Just saying.

It happened…standing on roof…heli randomly just blows me up and blows a hole in my base lol…gg so lame

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chat is lighting up with massive chopper kills lol…its raping everybody

You learned a valuable lesson. Hide when the heli is near and if you want to fight it don’t do it on your base.

Shoots geared people on their bases…like the 2 main things in rust lol…gear…and ur base…compromised by a flying death machine…fun fun

Sorry I just feel really strongly about the fact that this thing should not be damaging bases in any situation…so dumb

You lot are not going to be happy with the upcoming patch

Attack Chopper Hitboxes for weak spots have been made smaller

Loot crates are unlootable till the fire goes out

Finally, for those pesky helicopter campers, a napalm strike has been added.

We as players get a buff though Bullet speeds have been significantly increased across the board.