helicopter blades

Just a question. How to you make stable, spinning, heli blades? I have seen it done, but despite nograv, weight stool, and parent mine still spazz. They are only for show on my copter. can anyone tell me how to do it?

I can’t help much in making them work, but I can tell you that parenting them will make them not work. A child prop doesn’t apply any force to its parent, so that really makes them useless. And I’m probably wrong, but nogravving things has always made them more drifty and slow for me. I think it has to do with tweaking the weights both before and after constraining, but it’s too late for me to go check.

Post a picture of the contraption, because our heli blades work just fine. There is no secret trick that we use to make heliblades, when we weld blade to something it doesn’t spazz unless we do it wrong.

Also, parented props doesn’t spazz and is perfect for this. Make a spinning plate or something, put a wirechip ontop of it and then parent the blades to the chip. (The wire chip is so that you can remove, color, etc the parented props)

I just have an e2 with a plate model or something, then applyangforce 2 the chip, mine uses limiters 2 get a nice spin up and down in conjuction with sound, but u dont need that- then just parent the blades 2 the chip

Hey, talk to XXXmags about heli blades, he is a pro with helicopter physics.

No way they could be spazzing after parenting…

They spaz out where the rpm e2 I use is axised to the body


Can I have the code?

are you wanting to use the rotors for physical lift, or just for aesthetics? if you’re going for aesthetics, the best choice is to parent them.

Purely asthetic.

I cant find any good props for blades

Oh, you try using the phx3 super flat bars?

Whats wrong with parenting to wire wheel?

If it’s only for looks, you can have as many props as you can for the blades and then parent them all to the middle piece that spins.

If it’s going to lift something, try adding rigid ropes.

OK, only becase it is really simple - btw just 2 make sure, this is just for looks, no function

@name Rotor
@inputs Active
@persist Time Active Speed Av:angle

#Grumpy Hitler's


Time += 0.001

Go    = Active * 20 

if(Speed < Go){
    Speed += 0.002 * 1.6
if(Speed > Go){
    Speed -= 0.002 * 50

Av     = entity():angVel()*ang(0,1,0)*!Active/500


Active input is active output from a pod controller
and you can change the speed increase/ decrease by changing the 1.5 and 50 constant values

this is on my ah-1

Edit: Lol I just had a look, that Time variable seems 2 be useless, I probably used it for debugging, remove it if you want


Parent the blades to a wire motor-the part that’s supposed to spin.

Wire motors are more stable and effective than Wire Wheels so I’ve found.

I used wire wheel. I dont see a wire motor. I have wire svn. But it worked parented to a wheel

it is in wire extras

Wire extras svn link: http://svn.dagamers.net/wiremodextras/trunk/

parent weld phx plates to a wheel and use the fin tool on the plates

I dont want the plates to have physics. If I did I wouldnt parent them. I did parent my blades to a wire wheel. And fin does not work on parented props