Helicopter Crashing?

I have a map, with an npc_helicopter in it. The helicopter has path_tracks to give it a path, and it all checks out, but, whenever the helicopter sees me (the player), the game freezes up. The speed is 100, and the 2 flags I have marked are “more aggressive attacks” and “long visibility/shoot”. I’m mapping on the Ep1 side of SDK in HL2.

Maybe the helicopter isn’t allowed to go off track, or no nodes in certain areas? You’ll have to play around, Source can be glitchy.

First thing that came to mind when I saw the title of this thread was “Then learn to fly better!” :v:

That aside, just node the crap out of the area. path_track is all good and fine, but once it sees you it uses air_node to find its way around.

:hurr: I furgotz teh air_nodez


Well, sorry for my stupidity, but how do I make an air node? Do I just make a bunch of brushes with the air_node texture?

Its an entity. Not brush-based. Info_airnode or something along those lines.

I noded the living crepes out of the skies, and it still crashes, and I could live without the helicopter, except it’s what keeps the player running away.

Too many nodes maybe? lol