Helicopter landing on Isla Nublar + BONUS [scenebuild]

Essential reminiscent thread music (skip to 1:24 because it’s amazing):


Original: http://filesmelt.com/downloader/gm_flatgrass200800011.jpg

Please take a moment to compare the original to the edited version:

C&C please,

PS. Here is the bonus picture because I thought the waterfall was pretty:


PPS. I realise the blur isn’t perfect. If you can offer a good way of blurring helicopter rotor-blades, feel free.

Awesome scene build, although vegetation isn’t very Jurassic Park-ish. What model is that?

Gief meh da choppa!

The model isnt that nice, the windows look too blueish.
But the editing seems to be fucking awesome, maybe you can show us the original? :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the comment!

Searching “helicopter” on gmod.org. Who would have thought?

Um… there’s two links to the original.

Wouldn’t a radial blur be good for the helicopter blades?

If that doesn’t work all at once, blur each blade individually?

Sorry, I was too amazed by the picture, I didnt saw the rest of the OP…
PD: Rate me bad reading!

Scenebuild is great.

I did blur each blade individually with regular motion blur. When I used radial blur (on the whole set of rotors or just a single rotor) it would spin the rotor at both ends. When I used radial on the whole set of rotors the top one vanished.

Maybe use the blur tool and a long brush to pull it out?

Try the same with the smudge tool?

Maybe. I’ll try it some time.
Thanks for the suggestions.

No prob.

Amazing. I have to watch that movie again, it’s been so long.

Ontopic! Even though there is no actual posing, this is very good. I don’t like the blur, but that may be just me. Scenebuild(?) is also superb.

Awesome scenebuild. I have no clue who would report my chopper, seeing as I am the origional creator and all.

Or systematically report all of my files.

That’s the worst helicopter model I ever seen

Nice map though

The nostalgia! Its glorious!

I was watching this movie on my iPod today.

I love Jurassic Park and for some reason this picture made my day, and the music… :haw:
have a palette!

Can you offer a link to a better civilian helicopter?

Um… it’s called a “scenebuild”.

Thanks for the comments, everyone!

Now do a Lost World one.

Just download one of the umpteen blackhawk models and paste an InGen logo on it.

By the way, what’s with all the Spider Jerusalem avatars?

Um… I’m not sure a black, military helicopter would really resemble the chopper in the film at all.