Helicopter vehicle

This is not a adv dup!
It’s a scripted helicopter vehicle!


Check the video!

Here is also some pics.

This helicopter vehicle is a lot better than the other helicopter ents on garrysmod.org!

Four players can use the helicopter at the same time (pilot, copilot, 2 passengers).
You can give the weapon controls to your copilot.
You have three different weapons.
The helicopter can sense if a RPG missile is nearby.
The helicopter takes damage.


Turret: Aim with the laser, the turrets angles are limited.
Missiles: Four missiles will be launched rapidly, they will go straight forward. They don’t do much **damage but the explosion radius is big.
Laser guided missiles: Aim with the laser, it works like the rpg weapon. Deals more damage than the usual missiles but it takes a long time for it to reload.


WASD: movement.
JUMP: Go up.
WALK (move slowly): Go down.
SPRINT: Give weapon controls to copilot/ take back weapon controls.
PRIMARY FIRE: Use your current weapon.
SECONDARY FIRE: Cycle between your weapons.
SUIT ZOOM: Swap seat in the helicopter.


NEW Update


chl0407 (models)
Zoey/Wizey! (MP beta testing)

Love it so mutch 10/10!!!

Hey wait a minute, what do you mean your last release!?

Will probably not have time to make more things. :’(

aaw :frowning:

4 Seats? Get to the choppaaaah. :v:
This is awesome sakarias,wait,last release? you break my heart :frowning:
So you will never get back to scripting?

It’s hard to tell.
It’s not that I don’t like garrysmod or facepunch, i just won’t have time since I have already started studying on a new school.

This looks fascinating. Looks like I picked the wrong week to break GMod. I’ve got this bad feeling that it’s going to get broken forever because of some update, though.

A few questions:

Can co-pilots give wepon controls back to the pilot?
Does CTRL put you in a third-person view like normal vehicles? If so, is it useful for piloting?
Have you tested it in multiplayer?
Would you consider turning this into a SENT base so we can have more helicopters (like the HL2 combine one, the hl1 apache, the l4d one, etc - some can be just transport)

Finally, I’d like to thank you a lot for using .mp3 sounds instead of .wav files. This’ll put a lot less stress on the clients who have to download all of these files.
Also, you made a wonderful, well-paced introduction video.

I’m afraid they can’t.

Yes and there is no known bugs at the moment.
If someone find bugs I think I will have time to fix them.

The models aren’t the same “type”. The difference is that this helicopter is built on different props and the HL2 combine is only one prop (don’t know about the hl1 apache and the l4d one but they are probably the same type as the hl2 combine).
So the answer will be no. =[

But this Helicopter is just awesome.

A friend and myself have recently made a Huey heli VERY similar to this… only with an animated model and a machine gun placement on the front. I can’t belive how similar it is. :open_mouth: Nice work.

Yay! Hurray for helping test =3, Nice job sakarias.

Magnum opus?

If it’s not Engine mod it’s probably this heli.

Best helicopter in gmod!

Impressed with the Sound samples for the cockpit. Very realistic. Ive actually flown one of these IRL, my dads a pilot.

Ill give it a go later.

Very nice. Im going to miss your great things you have made sakarias. Thank you !!

Holy Shit, Wow, Just awesome, now all we need is an Blackhawk Helicopter and we can make a Blackhawk Down Machinima!

Bloody fantastic great for rp so the police can actually take control of mingebags and blast them!

Awesome work as always.