Hey fellas,

So, we all know the helicopter was supposed to be coming, and a few weeks ago it showed as being done on the trello page, but now it disappeared! Where did it go? Anyone got any inside info they’d be willing to share?

Rust Trello: https://trello.com/b/lG8jtz6v/rust-main

The model is done, programming is a different question.

I personally hope it never sees fruition; the way they’re pitching it it sounds overpowered as hell and totally favors well-equipped bandits.

It’s a caveman styled game - Helicopters are definitely too OP. Count me out if there are hackers aimbotting from helicopters…

It would make more sense for there to be a hang glider or parachute, both could be made out of the resources already in the game and it should be easier to program than a helicopter.

It’s not caveman styled… all the characters have a basic understanding of engineering and construction.

Well whatever… I didn’t mean to generalize, I was just trying to imply that helicopters have no place in this game. No need to pick at words.

I want to see a usable helicopter (Vehicles in general) for the lategame.

But it has to be hard to get.

If somebody manages to get a helicopter in the game, obviously they are doing something right.

I DO NOT want to see some computer controlled helicopter. That idea is just stupid beyond belief.

NPC controlled helicopters are better than player controlled ones
Putting tools like fucking SAWs and missile pods on the side of a fucking Helicopter into the hands of a raider is just plain stupid

Then remove the missile pod and Machine Gun.

Make it purely a transportation vehicle.

Making all the Toys unusable makes the game a pretty shitty “sandbox”.

Hmm, a public transport copter? Seems like a pretty neat idea actually. You could tell the NPC pilot a region on the map to drop you off, and then it would go off to help other players.
Might be too overpowered though. We don’t know how the current “picking up players so they can be a fucking COD MW2 Chopper Gunner” mechanic works, but if they apply the same method of obtainment to transport (I’m sure it would be quite hard to achieve) that would be pretty great.

you could craft your own helicocksucker out of say 1000 low quality metal or more for transport only,fly it yourself ofcourse and carry passengers,
downside is, the person who flys it could fly off to a remote corner of the map and build a base and transport all the loot there and fly back to get more, but it could get stolen too if you didnt park it somewhere safe then they could hover next to a tall base and place c4 from the heli and jum,p in take all the loot and jump back in the heli bruce willis style while spraying m4s at all the fresh spawns on the way home

You just outlined everything wrong with the game, exaggerated several times. Applause.

In my opinion the game is definitely not ready for the addition of an heli.

Whoever says the helicopter has no place in the game rather silly imo.

The map is farkin huge. Cars and other vehicles will come. It’s a matter of time - and it’s needed. I cannot wait. It would top the game off.

you all talk as if the helicopter will be player operated, helk clearly stated in its early stages players will NOT be able to operate it. possibly in the future, but not @ release.

All we need is a penny farthing for transport

I’ll settle for a wheel barrow, for gather resourses and a shopping trolley for raiding :wink:

Lol a wheel barrow, yes.

That is a good point about getting around. With some faster transportation it will make the outer corners of the map more accessible for routine game play. Now, the shooting that this vehicle will be able to produce is still something I wonder about, but who knows…

Though they should now add an rpg for taking it down :smiley:

Can’t really say anything about heli… but, a Glider would do nicely… especially from some tower on top of a mountain… you still have to carry your loot, and the glider itself back, but it would allow you to go fly out… damn… now i really want one! T_T
the freaking thing worked in farcry3 as a one way transportation, so why the hell not?

The helicopter flew away.

No. Cars have already been removed from the game. Only admins can spawn them.