helicopters no longer on the trello?

i for one was never looking forward to helicopters but i noticed after they cleaned it up after yesterdays patch, theres no mention of the helicopter assets anywhere. did i miss a quote from one of the devs about no longer pursuing helicopters?

I’m glad they aren’t going to be there. IMO they don’t belong.

You don’t even know the purpose of them yet…

I highly doubt they spent that much time developing fully functional helicopters only to remove them with no reasoning whatsoever. Don’t be so upset, I’m sure they’re coming eventually.

it doesn’t matter what their purpose is or was going to be, they don’t belong in a post apocalyptic game.

Once again this is my opinion you don’t have to agree with my opinion nor recognize it.

That’s still implying you know the direction of the game.

hey electro give him a break,i kinda agree with him but also kinda agree that the devs will somehow make them fit in.

I’m not going to argue my opinion with you. I’m just going to go :suicide: now!

How long until the “I DEMAND HELICOPTERS I WILL SUE” rageposts?

To be honest as a admin owner and a player who kinda endgames a server within 4 hours i would like a helicopter (to make or to find) to give me something to do as i’m not that into raiding that much.

Garry said he wants to work his way up, like, electricity then cars, then helicopters will probably come.

The model has been finished, same with the helicopter weapons. They have been added to the svn and archived since their model is done. It is probably just sitting on the shelf waiting on coding for it or it could be done and waiting to implement it.

Now that makes sense. Then I could agree that they should be in game with a scenario like that.

/sigh … Well, with all that said, I’d be looking forward to helicopters regardless because it adds a new flavor to the game, possibly a new threat.

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