Hey guys, I have been working on trying to make a good helicopter for a while and so I started this. Post any helicopters you have made in the past. (plz no hoverballs or we will rape you) Also if you could try and release some of the E2 or whatever you used, so the rest of us can learn.

So, you wanna copy us and use our flight methods >_>?

You could also read up on Wire tutorials.

Don’t expect people to just make an E2 for you though.

NO that would completely take away the point of this thread. this thread is made for me and others to LEARN. copying would defeat the purpose, but it is good to have something to work off of. its also for show off purposes too.

huh? you people are misreading this. im not asking anyone to make an e2 for this.

Wait, isn’t this what this subforum is meant for?

uh yeah exactly. i rly hope this doesnt just die

This is how we build them

And this is how we make E2’s

Amazing, isn’t it?


You just raped yourself by making this thread and it’s only YOU who’s about to get raped even more.

nvr mnd… god dammit

I built helicopters a specific way way back when i was still figuring shit out with the fin tool and the like. The easiest fin-based method you can use is a pair of counterrotating fins a-la a Kamov.

This helicopter is from March 4th, 2008

First stable prototype using a pair of counterrotating blades. I used wire wheels at about 10k torque. It’s a fairly simple system to kick about.

There’s the flight-box method that a few people use. It’s basically a cube you tack onto a helicopter. It provides thrust that levels it at a certain altitude, and a constant thrust upwards, allowing it to move like a helicopter along a plane.

The system I use now is based around E2 and a crude mathmatical model.
uses the rotating bit at the top, but not the fins themselves. At some point I’ll get around to adding some sort of dead-switch check if one of the rotors gets popped off.

Doesn’t lock to heights unless you tell it to autolevel, it’s also got a nifty mouse control system.

I’ve made a chip recently that simulates lift and drag forces on a set of fins. I might try making a helicopter or plane with it in the future.

see! this is what im looking for thank you!

I don’t see how the garry’s mod wiki was insufficient to you.

well. i suggest trying a simple engine pod. Wheel on a breen desk, with fin blades welded to the wheel. (recomend combine fence)
I was bored and prefabed one for fin planes today. it will pull/ lift 2.5k pounds. it is more or less stable. Thing is im tacking them on to a gaint fin only plane. I have three on it now. thats 7.5 thousands pounds of force. It needs at leat two or three more :v:

thanks, btw balto was a good movie

Indeed it was. :rates agree:

Since that post I’ve made a fin thrusterless chopper that flys forward and back by tilting it’s two rotors. I will post a pic


These are a few of my helis

I started off using thrusters on a large plate above the aircraft to control it, but I’ve started to learn E2 and applyforce to fly em.

still working it out though.


This was my first helicopter, based very loosely on a MD500/OH-6 Cayuse
It used a balance plate to fly, and it worked very well. There is only so much you can do with thrusters though


This one I based on a A109. The first version used the balance plate design and the latest one uses E2. (but the thruster one fly’s better at the moment due to me still learning E2)


And finally my Hobo Helicopter :slight_smile:
I made this one to test my E2 code. It flys ok, but Im still testing different things to make it more maneuverable.

I would give you the E2 code, but its a mess lol.

here is a good tut on applyforce to get you started. it helped me alot when i started
Applyforce Video Tutorial

Hope to see some heli contraptions from you in the future. good luck!

That A109 looks great. i love the interior :smiley:

I made a helicopter base (No you won’t get it) after i saw sestzes mouse controlled one.
It’s not as advanced and doesn’t fly as nice.

It uses applyforce to hover and airbrake. Thrusters and eyepod to tilt.

It was quite easy to make, and though it’s not as cool as sestzes i’m quite happy.
I’ve never used the eyepod before but it’s really damn useful.