Hello again everyone, this is my helicopter! I made it back in 2009 with Cre8or!


This is just from another angle!

And as always, a nicely made picture with poses and such!

I don’t think this deserves a thread.

Well then sir, I must oppose you! I sincerely believe it does. Why shouldn’t a contraption that’s taken a dozen hours of work over several days not be as, if not more, worthy of a thread as a 1-picture pose made in GMod and photoshop?

At least you could’ve taken some better pics, don’t you think?

Nice heliplaneocopter!

Can we get an ‘irony’ rating?

oh my god a pose vs contraption fight, didn’t those get old back in, like, 2011?

it looks nice, even if it’s rather ancient. reminds me of the time when i used to build stuff

I posed 2 ragdolls for the last one, that seems sufficient for me.

it’s a contraption, the pics don’t have to be ultra cinematic and shiny