Helium tool

I’m looking for someone to make a tool that makes props fly up in the air while using the tool on it. It’s called a helium tool. I want it to able to be turned on and off with the numpad also. Could somebody please make this tool? I’m not sure if this has already been made though. And I don’t want this to be like hoverballs. It’s kinda like balloons but it’s a prop. Thanks.

Apply upwards force ?

He is asking for someone to make a stool, not tell him how it could be done.

This is the requests section, not the newbie questions.

MakeR does his awesome sense thing again! You will never cease to amaze me.

Wait, what sense thing?

Let me rephrase that :
So someone has to create a swep that applies upwards force to props ?

Not a swep, a tool

…apparently it’s gone, now…

Aww, I was just getting to know it.

I’ll make my futile attemp at Lua [sp](I think its the fifth one)[/sp]
Guess what ? I FAILED