Helk, please read this (About helis)

First off I’d like to say I am in no way a gameplay expert, but hear me out.

I saw the tweet saying heli bullet damage had been reduced by 10%, which I nodded in agreement considering how difficult helicopters were recently made. To test out how it handles, (since I have a somewhat empty modded server at my disposal), I called in an heli with it’s damage modified to the 10% reduction to see how battles against it went.

Long story short, players that are properly armored can act as bullet sponges while another player rips the heli apart. With or without cover.

Here is what I think should be done instead, buff up the damage of each individual bullet and the rate of fire, but lower the accuracy quite a bit. Make it so that, while you aren’t as likely to get hit, when you do get hit, it really does damage. I’ve found that no matter what cover is used, from a concrete barricade to TWO layers of windows, the heli can pretty much spray you without any issue. I think reducing the damage would make it less of a challenge and more of a grind for meds, whereas buffing damage and rate of fire with an accuracy reduction would force players to build smart cover systems and punish those who don’t take the time to see how the heli behaves and respond appropriately to it.

Those who are able to utilize windows as good cover would be far less likely to get sprayed, and have the chance to use well-aimed shots. Those using stone walls to just pop out for a moment, soak up a few bullets and spray the rotors would have this opportunity removed, making it so attacking a heli actually does take planning again.

I love the heli, it’s very fun to battle, and downing them is immensely satisfying.

But I’ve stopped using AKs and Bolts and now use a Waterpipe with slug rounds because even though the heli manages to turn me into swiss cheese, the damage is minimal enough when fully armored that I can take the time to line up a shot and get back in cover and still have over 50 health.

If I’m just a singular case or just somehow good at fighting these because I no-life it and most everyone else has trouble fighting them, say so, I’d rather be told I’m wrong than think people who complain about it are just whiners.

EDIT: I realize at the start of the post I mentioned helicopters being difficult but then later say they’re too easy. To elaborate, they were a bit more difficult starting out, but after throwing myself at them solo a few times I managed to hammer out the mistakes I had been making to fight the newly buffed helis better. I still think they are difficult, but I think that they are difficult in the sense that the only thing stopping players from just brute-forcing a battle with them is their access to medical supplies. A fight against a heli should focus more on skill and paying attention to patterns, not how many meds you’ve managed to glitch-stack in your inventory.

I want to support this suggestion. The heli was shooting almost unrealistically precise.

Haha, the whole game is unrealistic.