Helk's SSD Dies, Is Set Back 2 Weeks?

So I just read this on www.rustafied.com and I’m kind of confused:

“I’m not sure what the ideal schedule is, but when a breakdown occurs like the auto turret is almost ready to go but Helks SSD fried, I’m not thrilled we have to wait another two weeks.”

If your SSD dies, you drop in a new one, sync P4 and you’ve lost maybe 4-5 hours tops. I’m curious why losing an SSD will set you back 2 weeks, it’s why we use software like Perforce so we don’t get set back by hardware failure.

It’s a waiting two weeks for the next update day thing not a lost two weeks of work thing.

Ah, alright word. That makes more sense.

Regardless, it says it took him a full week to get his computer running again.

If my shit went down for a full week, I’d be out of a job!

Every devblog some member found an excuse not to work the entire week.
Be it the suspicious amounts of sickness, hardware problems or other shenanigans

I’m kind of hoping it can be pushed into the game before the next two-week update, really. If they manage to finish it before then and it is just sitting there ready to be implemented, I’d rather we be allowed to test/play with it sooner rather than later.

Just my opinion, though.

Hence, use raid, even with SSD, security.

This, or a backup server.

who cares about turrets anyway. we had fun for the last 10 months with the new rust. turrets or not, im still gonna play the same. its not a big deal, rust already have plenty of content to enjoy.

Stop being reasonable and mature Louis, it’s not what Rust is about.

I dont care about waiting but this statement is kinda off…

If you think there isn’t content, try loading this game on an average computer. The thing might catch fire.

Yeah I get 15 frames in CS:GO

Mine would literally explode…