Hell Bent for Leather


My explosions still suck. Anyone care to share some tips?

Editing is fucking awesome except for the overdone rimlighting, Posing on Francis could be improved, from his waist down his body is shifting too much to the left. You could’ve had him leaning forward to look more badass too. Camera angle also looks pretty bland.

Overdone? Chesty taught me to do it that way.

Any suggestions on how I could have made the angle better?

If Chesty taught you, it must be the best way! :downs:

I like the screenshot overall, but his mouth looks kinda weird. Improvement on the explosions, I see :buddy:



Made me smile.

The explosions do have pretty hard edges and weird contrast, but I suck at explosions too so I’m not sure how to fix that.

The rim-lighting is too strong. I remember teaching you something about rim-lighting… I can’t remember the exact conversation but I’m sure it would (or should) have included “erase some of the layers a little bit at the end”.

My only other complaint would be how flat and white the lights from the cars are - some in-game lamps would have worked better I think.

Nice picture overall though. Good concept, camera angle and posing.

Of course it is.

holy shit awesome
although,you should have used this gun:


i think it’s in Larry’s weapon pack

Awwww :saddowns:

I think we both should consult VMan on this.

I would have used lamps, but there’s a big problem with that: My PSU sucks hard. HARD. If there’s something graphically advanced in a game - like dynamic lights - my video card drains power more, more, more and more until my PSU decides to quit and my computer shuts down. It has occurred with Crysis, BC2, GMod’s SDoF and Terminator Salvation and pretty much every ‘modern’ game I have. Except for FarCry 2.

Didn’t want to. Whenever I make a pic that doesn’t have anything to do with Terminator, I try to avoid using anything that could possibly refer to Terminator stuff.

Probably the most well-optimised game I’ve ever played.

Same. No wonder why I got a shit computer when I said to the shopkeeper that I needed a machine that could run ->at least<- FC2.

That game was incredibly boring. I’m so glad I borrowed it from a friend instead of buying it.

I like it a lot. Sure, the explosions aren’t perfect but thats what practice is for.

Looks like ghost rider, i like that too :v:

I had a feeling that I’d hear Judas Priest.
Pretty cool pic, there.

I don’t want to be a prick but if you’re being directly lit up from behind, shouldn’t the rim-lightning be pretty strong?

well,it wasn’t to refer the picture to Terminator,i just think the W1887 is a badass shotgun

Agreed, but a W1887 + A bike + a termy fan like me putting them in the same picture… you know. I wanted to do something different.

The explosions have some hard edges. Try just erasing BG, don’t cut it.

Apart from that, Awesome.


That bridge in the Background is godugly.

My only complaint is the sparks on the right. Everything else looks nice.

Fuck yeah, finally a good pose!