Hell Finally Froze Over

The citadel itself is gray??? Why? From a lightning perspective it doesn’t make much sense. If you’re gonna go for a foggy citadel, you should make it light gray, but not too light so as to see the background.

The low res/poly buildings are definitely a turn off.

If you wanted to make a nicely composed city roof picture, it would require detailed buildings and several props to make it interesting.

Do you know a good building-prop pack?

I’ve seen some pretty good building props over the years, but never searched them for myself.


AGS, try a fallout prop search on garry’s mod.org or the steam workshop. I know there are some really good and detailed buildings from fallout.

Yeah, but most of them are all fucked up and burned and crap.

True!!! The trick of a good gmod artist is to hide the crap parts :smiley:

See in the pic below, i hid a lot of the broken parts behind just one fallout building. I also used the broken half life 2 chapel dome, but i showed the un-broken part to the camera: