Hell Hounds

The Nazi Zombie Hell Hounds From Black Ops And The Other COD Games, Was Wondering Sense I’ve Seen The Guns Be Turned Into Sweps I was Wondering If Someone Will Or Has Ported Them Yet




If There’s Anything I’m Missing Tell Me.

cant you just light a dog on fire in gmod and call it a hell hound?

that would help if there were any good dog models that fit the role of a hell hound

man, these hounds scared the crap out of me when i first saw them

XD! But yeah. There should be one ripped soon. If that won’t happen then I’ll try to rip it.

But are you any good at ragdolling it? That’s the thing.

Why don’t you check what he has made.

I already have, it’s limited to a pack of WaW/BO Zombie weapons.

I rigged one a few months ago and gave it to Bloocobalt to make a phymodel for me, as at the time I didn’t know how. Incidentally, I do know how now, but Bloocobalt lost the files and I did as well.

That Sucks.
Always Keep A BackUp
How is this dumb?

Maybe because you type wierd

Typing Like
This Isn’t
That Cool.

I have the hellhounds in original posicion(including fire effects) in 3ds format but someone else must be adapt to gmod

I agree. I would really like to use some Hellhounds, Nazi Zombies, and some Painkiller NPCS in my machinima… I’d like to make a machinima that’s set in WW2. And this guy has to stop the Nazis from their plans and stuff.

sound typical, will the machinima include shooting lots of npcs?..

No. It’s supposed to be very Resident Evilish. In which it’s set in WW2, and Nazis have been conducting strange bizzare rituals. And Nazi Scientists have found Element 666. They use it and Hellhounds and Nazi Zombies are created from it. The OSS has heard about this and send in Alan Bladestone to go in and find out the cause. It starts out in the woods… And I’d really like some Hellhound and proper Nazi Zombie SNPCS before Halloween…

bizarre rituals? element 666? and zombies are created using it? sounds like a amateur film I watched in netflix where a viet nam soldier with long hair fought zombies with laser guns
nazis don’t preform rituals they did experiments it makes less sense making them out to be some gothic cultists bringing about hell to the earth.

There was some kind of element involved in the Nazi Zombie Campaign in CoD, though, and it was some kind of meteor with the element that brought the things to life, and some kind of teleportation experiment that made the Hell Hounds.

back to the future 4?

ELEMENT 115. The bumper has spoken.