Hell on Earth (You Decide!)

Well here’s number two. This one’s goal is not humor, but more of a horror game. Have fun reading!
May I introduce:

Now, What Do you do first?

Turn up your graphic.


Are the letters supposed to look smudged or is it just me?

Nonetheless, look around for any supplies.

The letters are intentionally smudged.

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You have obtained 1x WRENCH 1x HEALTH DRINK

Now maybe that WRENCH could solve a certain noise…

Oh okay, then I guess it’s a nice effect, just needs a little getting used to.

Go see if that thing outside is okay.

Turn up your graphics MORE

Problem is jpeg quality. Dunno if his ingame screenshot quality is awful, or if he’s saving them as terrible quality… or both.

I’ll try messing around with 'em. Maybe the sharpening tool?

Well this one is a long one. So enjoy it. its around 24 images :stuck_out_tongue: Took a lot for this scene.

Press X -> select wrench -> continue to beat the shit out of that thing of which it’s quite obvious what it is.

Eject the Disc and change disc…I wanna Play dead rising 2 i don’t like this game

decent comic, atleast its not a troll one

that by the way

A little late, I’ve been sick off and on so…ya. Alright here it is. Sorry about the wrench select, i know it looks like shit in a handbasket.

Ya sorry about those past two, I turned the GFX down due to performance issues, its fixed in the last pic see :smiley:

Alright, From now on every last action (think gentlemen…please) will have two choices: Stealth or Assault. Say Leon is opening a door Open the door stealthily or bash it open (Splinter Cell terms ftw)
So, How is Leon going to escape his cell?

Stealthily find out where the door is, if there is any. Then assaultily bash it open.

is hell even exist

use the toilet to escape

I don’t know why but I found this funny so I screencapped it

Find your way out the room, but check for weapons and other items first.

You’ve noticed how loose the toilet had become the last few days… Pull it as hard as you can, eventualy you will rip the pipes loose, just keep it behind the bed for now.
Make noise or open the water crane to flood the place… By any means lure a guard to you.
When he’s at your cell, tell him to inspect the water malfunctions.
The moment he doesn’t look, throw the toilet on his head, and stealthily make your way out.